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  • Welcome! How this all started...
  • Meet Nicole, Carrie & Lisa!
  • Finding your accountability partner!
  • About Cupid's Night Out!


  • Who has the wildest high school yearbook photo?
  • Lisa tells us about her frightening Roomba attack!
  • Carrie was a member of the marching band?!
  • Cheryl rolls with her gnomies while she's at work!

TRUE BLEU Episode 3 (Originally recorded January 27, 2020)

  • Episode 3 was a little more serious, but this is real life, girls. It’s {TRUE BLEU}
  • Of course, the Culver’s story is bound to cheer you up!
  • We share our favorite moments from the Grammy's!
  • Just a few more tickets are available for Cupid's Night Out!

TRUE BLEU Episode 4 (Originally recorded February 3, 2020)

  • Episode 4 talks about the serious dangers of...bowling
  • Next we talk about the Super Bowl and that amazing half-time show
  • Who run the world? GIRLS!
  • We leave you with a little {MONDAY MOTIVATION}