Meet Bleu Chic Stylist: Cheryl!

I am a momma to an amazing 13-year-old girl who is my world!  I love working out and keeping busy!  I enjoy cooking and baking and love my sweets…a little too much😊 We have a hilarious cat named Binx that we adore! I’ve always loved buying clothes and I may or may not have 5 closets full. 😉

My favorite color is yellow.

Favorite fashion trend is jeans with a cute off the shoulder shirt and perfect booties. Oh, and lots of accessories. Accessorizing is key!  I love to add that pop of color with the perfect dangling earrings, that adorable leopard bracelet or that long pendant necklace! 

Most people don’t know that I completed the Tough Mudder a few years ago.  I was proud of myself for doing something I was afraid to do. 


Favorite song: Footloose

Favorite food is pizza and tacos

Last book I read was Gone Girl

Currently binge-watching: Dead to Me

Favorite quote: “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”

When the pandemic is over I am looking forward most to being with my family and friends and giving everyone a big hug! That will be the first thing I do. I am also looking forward to going to the movies with my daughter.  We love the movies –  Popcorn, snacks and just a fun way to “tune out” for a couple hours.  

Being Bleu Chic means more to me than just wearing the “cutest clothes ever!“ It means all around happiness.  Happiness for me and for our customers.  I love working at the store and helping our shoppers find that perfect shirt or dress for their special night out, or just because they wanted something new to make them feel good about themselves. Bleu Chic is like no other and Nicole has created more than just an adorable and fun boutique, she has created a Bleu Chic family.