Meet Bleu Chic Stylist: Morgan!

Hi everyone!
My name is Morgan I’m a new face for the team at Bleu Chic and feeling right at home!



A little about me, I own my crystal business called Luna Zaria Crystals Shop LLC, that I hope one day, will too be a store front like Bleu Chic!
I love rock music, tattoos, tacos, and cats plus unique fashion!
I graduated recent from Kent State University majoring in Organizational Communications and Marketing and currently living in North Royalton with my family and cats!
My favorite hobbies would be shopping for crystals for my business, traveling, painting, shopping in general, and dancing!
What I love about Bleu Chic is you can be yourself. Your fashion is who you are and Bleu Chic help you accomplish that by having uniqueness, that is why I wanted to work with this amazing brand!
I’m honestly just an old soul that loves to make people laugh and have a great time!