Tomorrow, May 12th, 2020, retail stores in Ohio are officially allowed to open! Some of you may be really excited about this, some of you may think it's too soon, some of you may not be sure what to think and some of you may be completely indifferent.

I have been in touch with my team and we have decided that we are going to wait to completely open our doors until hopefully the 1st week in June.

While different small businesses may be doing different things, the one thing that is common across the board is that we all sincerely care about each of you and your safety along with the safety of our families.

At BLEU CHIC, we are implementing NEW POLICIES to ensure we're doing everything possible to keep our showroom and to keep you safe!

That's one of the reasons we want to open our doors in steps if you will. 

Beginning tomorrow, my team and I will begin working out of our store for the first time since March. Since March, people! No joke!

Beginning later this month, we will have store pickup for our local girls available. You'll simply call us during our store hours and we will be happy to give you your online order without you having to leave your car.

Our goal is to re-open the first week in June and truthfully, it's still TBD whether we will open the doors all at once or whether we will begin by allowing you to book a private shopping experience. Again, we care about you and want to make sure we are doing everything possible to make sure we all feel safe.

Anything can change, and that's the beauty and also the challenge of this roller coaster ride we are all on but I wanted to share my plans with you.

I want to thank you all for continuing to be a part of our BLEU CHIC FAMILY. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we're all ears.

We love you girls and thank you for everything.