THIS is what Being Bleu Chic is All About!

THIS is what Being Bleu Chic is All About!

This right here. THIS is what being BLEU CHIC is all about. It's about being comfortable with who YOU are in the inside. It's about breaking stereotypes and coloring outside the lines.

It's about playing basketball...and also wearing lipstick. It's about fixing another's crown while wearing your cleats. It's about being healthy...and matter what your shape or size is..whether you're Xtra Small or Xtra Chic.

Girls. We are NOT one dimensional and these pictures are the perfect example of that.

While I don't personally have any daughters, I do have nieces and Goddaughters that I know look up to me and while I'm not perfect I try to set a positive example.

Whether you're a momma or an auntie, a teacher or a mentor, you, too have young girls that look up to you.


Be the example they're looking for. Let them know if they can dream it, they CAN achieve it. Tell them they're amazing, intelligent, strong and caring. Let them know they're capable, creative, loving and unique. Show them that true beauty doesn't have to be what they're just told and shown on TV or on social media.


Practice what you preach. You are the example.

Photo credit: HMP Couture Imagery


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