The Easiest Dessert to Make for Any Party Gathering

The Easiest Dessert to Make for Any Party Gathering

If you LOVE Funfetti as much as we do and you’re looking for an easy-to-make dessert for an upcoming party (ahem, New Year’s Eve!!) stop what you’re doing and check this out!

We’re heading to our annual family Christmas gathering and this right here is soo easy to make and so delish, you won’t believe it.

Here’s what you need:


-Funfetti cake mix
-Cool Whip
-Cream cheese
-Milk  (1/3 to 2/3 cup)
-Sprinkles (to make it extra pretty!)
-Graham crackers (or animal crackers if you have little ones!)
-A BLEU mixer isn’t necessary but it did add to our little dessert making party🎉



Step 1:
Combine softened cream cheese with Cool
Whip into a bowl and mix until softened and smooth.

Step 2:
Add Funfetti cake mix to softened mixture from Step 1.

Step 3:
Slowly add 1/3 to 2/3 cup of milk to combined mixture to smooth it out just a little.

Step 4:
Transfer to a serving dish, pair graham or animal crackers for dipping and top with sprinkles to make it extra Bleu Chic. 🥰

🎉Voila! Easy. Delicious. A crowd favorite.🎉

Have a recipe to share? Comment below with your go-to appetizer, side dish or dessert.
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